Hello Trailer! Goodbye Junk!

Hello Trailer is the #1 rated bin rental and junk removal company in Campbell River BC which focuses on being "Green". We recycle as much as we can. Easy green junk removal is our business. We offer remarkably easy junk removal services for homes and business in the greater Campbell River area. And we recycle your junk. We pride ourselves as Campbell River’s best most reliable green junk removal company. We handle all the tough, heavy and dirty work you really don’t want to do. Especially the recycling part.

"Do I really want to deal with this crap...
or let someone else do it?"

If you have junk laying around your house, construction site or from a yard clean up - book a bin online and you junk will disappear. Household waste, appliances, construction waste, yard waste etc… we love all your junk.

Hello Trailer Bin Rentals and Junk Removal started as a fun side project. We got sick of renting larger bins and containers because these bin rental companies were so expensive. Plus nothing really gets recycled.

So we made you something satisfying...

A remarkable easy to use bin rental and junk removal service.

How Hello Trailer Bin Rental and Junk Removal was started

Hello Trailer was funded by ourselves to fix our own junk removal problems in Campbell River BC. Over time more and more of our friends in Campbell River wanted us to help them to remove their junk. Today there are a whole bunch of people whose junk we haul away and process. That’s why we had to invest more money into bins, vehicles, security, technology, staff and systems to help more people get rig of their junk.

Since Hello Trailer is self-funded and quickly growing, we spend our time improving our bin rental and junk removal service by listening to the people who use it. We chart our own course, and relish the freedom to make bold decisions. Sometimes, that means using resources to offer a new type of bin rental and junk removal service like sorting and recycling. Other times, it means devoting time to improving the community around us.

Don’t take our word for it
More and more people and companies of all sizes use Hello Trailer to remove their junk every month. They love getting rid of junk, and we love helping them do it. Talk to us. We’d love junk more than you do.

Team Hello Trailer