Top junk you need to throw away now

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We are all hoarders. Some more than others. We see thing things we really don’t want to get rid of so we keep it. We don’t even know why. There is a great feeling of freedom when you remove junk from your house. Here are a few of the top junk we see people want to remove.

  1. Clothes and shoes that you have not worn or are smelly and old
  2. Old paint cans
  3. Junk debris in your garage
  4. Random boxes of junk in your house or shed
  5. Old receipts and paper documents
  6. Old books including school text books
  7. Dinner plates, glassware, coffee cups etc…
  8. Tupperware containers that are too old (remember old Tupperware contains harmful chemicals)
  9. Sheets and bedding (old pillows)
  10. Computer, stereos and other old electronics
  11. Magazines and newspapers
  12. Spices and old condiments
  13. VHS tapes and old DVDs and CDs
  14. Make up (yes make-up has an expiry date for them)
  15. Children toys
  16. All your loose ends or “fixer uppers” – its time to throw that junk away
  17. Old perfume that you really don’t use. Gross stuff.
  18. Garden clean up and waste from your garden
  19. Old rugs and paintings
  20. Old baby stuff (car seats etc…)

That is the top list of junk to remove from your house!