What is Hello Trailer, in short?

We offer waste management services.

Bin rentals, junk removal, snow removal, dryer vent cleaning, hot tub removals, moving services, demolition and much more!

  1. BIN RENTALS - We drop off a bin for you to load.
  2. FULL SERVICE JUNK REMOVAL - We do all the work. You simply point to the stuff you want gone.
  3. SINGLE ITEM PICK UP - Put out single item junk curb-side and we will drive by and pick up
  4. MOVING AND SHIPPING - We help you move and ship within Vancouver Island
  5. HOT TUB REMOVALS - We remove hot tubs in Campbell River and Courtenay
  6. SNOW REMOVAL - We remove snow in Campbell River
  7. DRYER VENT CLEANING - We clean dryer vents

Hello Trailer is the easiest way to remove junk in Campbell River BC.

12-yard roll-off bins and containers


What does junk removal cost?

We give you an estimate over the phone. If you like it we come and remove your junk. The junk is weighed and charged at the waste facility based on weight, what type of junk you have.  

Are you insured?

Yes, we are 100% insured and comply with Work Safe BC.

What junk is allowed?

We accept any type of junk. Home, yard or construction waste is accepted. We simply ask that you know what type of materials you have e.g. flammables so we can safely remove it. Our junk removal team will help you with this on site. Allowed junk:

  • Wood - Fencing, firewood, old timber
  • Drywall - restrictions apply
  • Construction materials - Debris, tiling
  • Garden refuse - Branches, tree and bush clippings
  • Furniture - Couches/sofas, sofa beds, mattresses
  • Metals - restrictions apply
  • Paints - restrictions apply
  • Appliances - Fridges, freezers, washers & dryers - restrictions apply
  • Garage, shed & attic junk
  • Cardboard, boxes, books, paper...
  • Tires - restrictions apply
  • Small amounts of gravel, concrete - weight restrictions apply
  • Soil & dirt - weight restrictions apply
  • Roofing - weight restrictions apply
  • Renovation refuse - Walls, windows, floorboards, brand new drywall, plasterboard & frames, etc.

What junk is hazardous and needs a declaration of contents?

You must declare any junk you have. We might not be allowed to handle it and there might be a enviro fee to dispose it. Especially if you have hazardous materials such as:

  • Paints, chemicals, solvents, oils etc...
  • Oil drums (unless empty and top & bottom cut out)
  • Drywall (we only accept brand NEW drywall or if you have an approved waste disposal form)

What Drywall is allowed?

Due to WorkSafe BC health and safety regulations, Comox Strathcona waste management (CSWM) facilities will no longer accept pre-1990 drywall for recycling, without an approved Waste Disposal” application form. All pre-1990 drywall must now be tested for asbestos content before it can be recycled. If the testing indicates that it does not contain asbestos, the Comox Valley and Campbell River waste management centres will accept the drywall for recycling. If the pre-1990 drywall does not have mud, it can be disposed with regular drywall for recycling.

What junk is not allowed?

  • Drywall pre-1990 without an approved Waste Disposal” application form.
  • Asbestos
  • Oil tanks
  • Chemicals, solvents, oils, fuel (enviro fees might apply)
  • Kitchen and household garbage (the city picks up your household garbage)
  • Junk cars
  • Engines and parts
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Biohazards
  • Any items we feel are unsafe or too dangerous (subject to junk removal team member)

Do you recycle?

Yes! Recycling is at the core of our business and we try to recycle as much as we can. We pick up your junk and then sort it all at the recycling centre so you don't have to get dirty. We typically recycle up to 60% to 70% of all junk.

Snow Removal Services

Yes, we have commercial grade snow removal equipment and service Campbell River. Our snow removal services include plows, salt, sand, de-icing, snow blowers and manual snow removal for those hard to reach areas.

How do I order a delivery or pick up and pay?

Visit the order page online and select the best type of junk removal option for you. Or call 


How do I know the price and how much junk is included?

Call us and we will give you an estimate over phone. When our junk removals staff arrives we will provide an accurate estimate for you. If you don’t like the price, tell us and we will move on to our next pick up. We have never had a customer who thought our prices were unreasonable.

Why can’t I get an exact quote (I don't know the weight) and why do I pay upfront if it’s not an accurate price?

Pricing is based on the amount of junk you have, type of junk and its weight. This can be hard to estimate. When you book a junk removal we will look at your junk and first then can we give you an estimate.

Fuel Surcharges

In most cases fuel is included in our prices inside the Campbell River area (between Jubilee Parkway and Dolphins Resort).

What if I have too much junk?

No problem. You can have as much as you want and as long as it doesn’t exceed certain weight restrictions per load. If not, we will come back for the rest. 

Why use a trailer?

Unlike others, Hello Trailer bins are faster, easier and more flexible. Our service is also outstanding! We come by like your private city garbage truck and take away your junk when it’s suits you. We leave no trace behind and your junk is gone.

Do I have to be home?

No, you don’t. If you have ordered a Curb-side pick up and put out your junk in an easy spot for a pick up we will be able to find it and pick it up for you. If you want us to carry and take away your junk then you need to be home. Or else we don’t know what junk to remove.

I really want to be home - do you come after hours or on weekends?

We pick up junk at all hours of the day and most common pick up days are evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

Am I notified of a pick up time and date?

Yes, when you make your order online enter your cell phone number because we will try to send you an SMS text when we arrive. 

How long may I keep a bin?

We include 3 days. Ask for more days at time of booking.

Can you load it for me?

Yes. To save your back, we gladly load the bin and take away all the junk away for you.  Click here to check prices and book online.

Hazardous materials? What do I need to do?

We take all (well most) hazardous materials and due to new environmental laws you must declare its contents before we pick up. We will give you (email) a sheet of paper that states what your junk contains so we can safely handle and dispose of it.

Hazardous materials include:
Old drywall (must have an approved Waste Disposal form), asbestos, insulation, paint, flammables, oil drums, explosive containers and corrosive materials. Please note we do not pick up bio-hazard wasteIf our junk removal team deems your junk unsafe or too dangerous we cannot take it for you.

Extra fees might apply!

What if I don't tell you its contents or "lie" about it?

If you fail to declare the contents we cannot dispose of it and we will bring it back to your house. Additional charges and penalties will apply.



Fantastic job, very professional, prompt and reasonable

Hey Thank you again for the prompt great service you provided me with removing the garbage left by our tennants. Calling you was the only thing thus far through our tennants nightmare situation that really helped us. I would not hesitate and have made it clear to people of all your help.
You were very quick, respectful and professional and would call you first and only should we need help again

Timely pick up, really fast and easy. My junk was just gone when I got home from work.stars

 Awesome service and you guys were super nice by helping me remove more stuff as I found more.stars

 thanks so much. very easy and I didn't even know about you guys until a friend told me about you. thanks againstars

good morning, you gave me very good service and i have told many people about you. great namestars

Hi! your service was great we have passed your name on to others. will definitely hire you againstars