All bookings are final and cannot be cancelled within 72 hours of the appointment. Under extreme weather conditions, or if HelloTrailer.com feels it's unsafe to work, appointments are subject to being postponed until a later date and time, and all customers will receive notification if this is to occur.

It is YOUR (the customer) responsibility to fully read these terms and conditions and abide by them.





All bins must follow and adhere to environmental regulations. Here is a list to assist you what is allowed and not. Ask us if you are unsure BEFORE you put in the bin.

  1. Your credit card (if) on file is automatically charged for dump & other fees.
  2. Sorting recyclables is not guaranteed.
  3. Extra fees apply for sorting recyclable materials (to avoid paying higher dump fees). Sorting fees are $49 per 15 min.
  4. Put recyclable materials (like metals, cardboard) on top (if a few and light pieces) or heavier materials put back of the bin (no garbage can fall out if we open the door to recycle e.g. metals). Make it EASY for us to pick out and recycle. If recyclables are buried or too hard (and too heavy) or unsafe for us to take out BEFORE we enter the landfill you run the risk of paying $395 per tonne for the entire load.
  5. Mixed recyclables is charged $395/tonne for entire load.
  6. If rejected at Campbell River landfill extra $165/hr apply (travel to Courtenay dump)
  7. If load is rejected from either landfill bin and its contents will return to your site at extra charges.
  8. Surcharges might apply per bin
  9. Any metals including scrap put in the bin will become the sole property of Hello Trailer
  10. Access, processing and admin: $9.85/bin
  11. Flat, level loads only as high as the bin sides
  12. 3,000kg max / bin (roofing is 2,500kg)
    If weight is higher - there is a chance we will not be able to lift your load and/or you will be charged extra bin rental. If we cannot move your load (irrespective of weight), you are still responsible to unload it until we can move it. You will also be charged with extra fees to cover staff and fuel for a pick up attempt.
  13. Overweight loads are charged extra at $395/tonne for entire load plus extra bin rental rates.
  14. Failed pick up attempts: $95 (staff and fuel surcharges might apply)
  15. Timber - must be 180cm (6ft) or shorter
  16. Larger materials must be cut up in smaller pieces (less than 180cm or 6ft).
  17. Hot tubs must be cut up in minimum 6 small pieces or it will be rejected

Items needing PRIOR approval because it must be recycled.

Sorting surcharges will apply. 

  1. Mattresses - extra fees apply per mattress/box spring. Put on top so we can recycle.
  2. Cardboard - put on top or back so we can recycle
  3. Electronics - Put back of bin where we can take it out easy
  4. Paints - DO NOT PUT PAINTS IN BIN. No paint cans inside bin unless completely empty. Metal paint cans are recyclable.
  5. Appliances - Put on top or back of bin where we can take it out easy
  6. Refrigerators, AC and freezers - ask us first!
  7. Drywall cannot be mixed with other junk. Drywall (must be date stamped 1990 or newer). Older drywall or if no date stamp is seen, you must have an asbestos test. Only fill the bin 1/2 full if you have drywall. See weight restrictions.
  8. Drywall must be tested properly and approved by landfill. It is YOUR responsibility to to give us the the right documents that will be approved by landfill. Just because it's tested, doesn't mean the landfill will accept it. It is the landfill that makes the final decision. DO NOT HIDE ANY UNTESTED or UNCERTAIN drywall in the bin. If you are unsure call us first BEFORE you put any drywall in the bin. Extra charges will apply if there are problems with your paperwork (even if it's approved).
  9. Metals (if more than 100kg needs its own bin)
  10. Dirt, gravel, brinks, rocks, concrete etc (more than 100kg needs its separate bin - weight restricted to MAX 2,000kg
  11. Roofing shingles (more than 100kg) - weight restricted to MAX 2,500kg (~20 squares/bin)
  12. Tires (more than 4 must have permission)

NOT allowed: Penalty charges will apply.

  1. Earth works (if more than 100kg)
  2. Adhesives: Epoxy, glues, sealers and other adhesives
  3. Asbestos containing materials (e.g. drywall, insulation, tiles etc...)
  4. Contaminated absorbents and soils
  5. Fuel, oils, chemicals and other auto and industrial items
  6. Liquid chemicals
  7. Oil based paints, thinners, lacquers etc
  8. Industrial waste like drums, tanks etc...
  9. Medical and hazardous waste (including animals)

If you have any further questions about what is or is not allowed in a dumpster, give us a call at 1-800-985-1246 and a team member will help you determine the right way to dispose of them.

CALL US AT 1-800-985-1246

Bin: (12x7ft) max weight=6600 lbs (3000kg).
Overweight loads are charged extra bin rental rates.

Despite overweight loads we reserve the right to not take bin away and left on your location and charged extra at standard rates. Flat, level loads only as high as the bin sides.

You are responsible for loading the bin in a safe manner ready for transport. We secure the load. We allow 10 min drop off and pickup. Extra charges occur if we have to re-pack the trailer/bin solely determined by us.

You agree we are not liable for any damages caused to any property including driveways. No guarantees given whatsoever. Use our services at own risk.

FULL SERVICE JUNK REMOVAL: $65/hour per person or as estimated. Supervisor charged at $95/hr. 2 hour minimum plus cost of bin rental.

BIN = Payment is due on or before drop off - includes pickup & 3-day rental. $15/day is charged extra. Max 10 days. After 10 days you will be charged bin rental rates again and renewed every 10 days. Dump fees extra.

Hazardous work $160/hr per person.

Overdue payments are subject to $25/day penalty.

We have made investments in cleaner technologies, such as fuel efficient trucks, reducing our overall impact on the environment; however, fuel prices and environmental compliance-related costs are something we cannot control. The Fuel Surcharge allows us to recover the cost of diesel, natural gas and other hydrocarbon based fuels and products that we use in our overall business above a baseline cost. The fuel surcharge only helps us recover a small portion of fuel used. This charge helps us to keep up with the changing costs of diesel, natural gas and other hydrocarbon based fuels and products, and allows us to achieve the operating margin needed to maintain the high level of service that customers expect. Fuel surcharges are common in the transportation industry and are charged by other waste haulers, trucking companies and airline carriers. This rate will change from time to time.

The Environmental Charge is intended to cover our overall enterprise-wide costs to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and to achieve an acceptable operating margin. Such environmental costs include, among other things, operating materials, engineering, testing and maintenance, disposal of used equipment, tires, batteries, oils and fluids and the monitoring and management of vehicle emissions. The Environmental Charge percentage will not fluctuate each month; however, the percentage may be changed periodically, at our discretion, if there is a business determination that warrants a change. This rate will change from time to time.

No change is given. We will estimate the waste disposal fees in our sole discretion and payment is required before we leave. Materials used on site (bags etc...) will be charged extra. No refunds given. We also require a 100% deposit upfront.

A $450 deposit is required.

You are 100% liable and responsible for the safety and safe handling of the trailer/bin and yourself and other people. That includes damages, theft, vandalism and any other act of misuse.

You agree we are allowed to return to the location of pick up and dump another load of junk back. You agree it can be any sort of junk that we give back, dumped at any place at whatever weight. It will also result in legal action and penalties.

No hazardous waste allowed unless prior approval. It may include; motor oils, oil products, adhesives, glue, roof products, boats, cars, engines, rocks, cement, gravel, rocks, asphalt/Fiberglas shingles, needles, drugs, gases, oils, adhesives, bio-waste, chemicals, poison, drywall (without prior approval) and other harmful products. Fees increase to $95 per 15 min intervals per person plus dump fees and penalties apply if found and can be as high as $450 per tonne for the entire load plus labour fees at standard hourly rates.  Junk will also be returned and dumped at your location.